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Office of State-owned Assets and Logistics

The Office of State-owned Assets and Logistics was established in February 2002. It was a special administrative department of  Nanjing Agricultural University, which manages the State-owned Assets and provides logistical support for the normal operation of the university’s teaching and scientific research.

The Office of State-owned Assets and Logistics has six sub-offices: General Office, Office of Real Estate and Maintenance, Office of Power Supply, Office of State-owned Assets Management, Office of Equipment Management, and Neighborhood Committee. The main responsibilities of the office are as follows:

1. The responsibilities of State-owned Assets management.

(1) Formulate and improve the regulations for the management of State-owned Assets.

(2) Responsible for purchasing the administrative equipment and furniture, and fixed assets registration.

(3) Responsible for management of fixed assets on campus.

(4) Responsible for management of the land and real estate on campus.

2. The responsibilities of Logistics

(1) In charge of the administrative management of logistical support on behalf of Nanjing Agricultural University.

(2) Responsible for campus-wide water and electricity support and energy management.

(3) Responsible for campus greening

(4) Responsible for the project approval, examination and approval of campus housing maintenance.



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